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Review of HoneyBook

Kristi Porter

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What does HoneyBook do well?
HoneyBook does a lot! It's a great tool for creatives and service providers to manage their clients, projects, and calendar. They also have great resources for ongoing learning. And, outside of the software, it comes with opportunities to collaborate with others and a community, which is an incredible bonus.
What does HoneyBook not do well?
The trial period is vey short, and it's hard to find pricing details if you're just browsing, which always feels shady. I know they're not a shady company by any means, but I don't like how difficult it is to hunt down a cost, especially since they primarily cater to individuals and small businesses who are watching their budgets.
What do you wish you had known about HoneyBook before using?
The cost. It's prohibitive for me at this point.
Have you used a competitor to HoneyBook? If so, how does it compare?
I've looked at a few others, including Dubsado, which also has a very loyal following. There are some similar features, and Dubsado has certainly come up a lot in price over the past year. So, it really comes down to what your specific business needs. Personally, I'm leaning toward Dubsado.
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