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Review of HubSpot CRM

Anaya Struncova

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does HubSpot CRM do well?
A highly efficient software that is very useful to carry a better organization and monitoring of our sales, this is because first it gives us an excellent ease of use since it has a very intuitive interface, second all the tasks can be carried out in a way automated which prevents us from falling into the stress of having to observe our tray full of customer emails, as well as allowing us to save time in having to enter thousands of customer data to be able to carry out a deal, because this is done automatically so we just need to close deals.
What does HubSpot CRM not do well?
I have not found any inconvenience with this software since as mentioned above it is very easy to use and provides an efficient support team
What do you wish you had known about HubSpot CRM before using?
We are very pleased with the service provided by this software, since it allows us to save time and focus fully on closing deals with our customers quickly and comfortably, because we leave aside the concern about having to enter your data before carrying out a deal.
Have you used a competitor to HubSpot CRM? If so, how does it compare?
This software is very efficient to say goodbye to having to spend hours entering thousands of customer data that have made deal with us since everything takes it automatically, leaving it in our hands are the closing of deals that improves sales to business level