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Review of BigCommerce

Drew Supernor

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does BigCommerce do well?
Pricing is very affordable. The biggest positive for me is its integration feature that integrates it with ShopKeep POS which our organization was previously using! I previously was using ShopKeep POS and when I found out they were partnering with BigCommerce, I was immediately interested in looking into it! Ease of use is also a positive. Haven't really used it yet, but the app on my iPhone will most likely be extremely helpful as I just downloaded it. Overall, I really have only positive things to say about BigCommerce and have actually recommended it to a few other AHL teams!
What does BigCommerce not do well?
I wish there was a way to block spam/fraud. There are a few individuals that continually try to use stolen credit cards. 99% get denied. But they load up their cart and attempt to buy me out of items so I get hundreds of emails saying products are out of inventory or low inventory. There is also 1 email address that sends in messages all day via the Contact Us on the site and my inbox gets flooded. Wish there was a way to block emails from using the site.
What do you wish you had known about BigCommerce before using?
I knew absolutely nothing when I started using BigCommerce. Kind of figured it out on my own on the fly. I've looked at other BigCommerce sites to get different ideas on what they do and what their site looks like. Maybe like a 15 minute walk through after purchase would've been helpful and saved me some time.