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Review of TweetDeck

Allison Wiley

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does TweetDeck do well?
I love tweet deck for scheduling all of my tweets! It is super easy to use, I love seeing all of the scheduled posts and I love the layout, as well as connecting different Twitter accounts that I use.
What does TweetDeck not do well?
I have not been able to schedule certain types of posts depending on the media that I use, and that is a bummer.
What do you wish you had known about TweetDeck before using?
I really enjoy Tweet Deck. I have found it by far the easiest software system to schedule my tweets. I really don't think there is anything that I wish I had known before, maybe just the easiness of how awesome it is.
Have you used a competitor to TweetDeck ? If so, how does it compare?
I have used hoot suite for instagram scheduling. I find that it's the only software that I can schedule instagram posts with, so that is really my main function for it. I do not use it for twitter scheduling however.
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