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Review of Loomly

Marlin Mosquera

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Loomly do well?
The aspects of approval, editing and comments were exactly what we were looking for. Personally, I love the calendar view, as it helps me plan each and every social media post on all platforms, and I love that I can drag and drop posts to reschedule them. I also love the suggestions, tips and preview of each post
What does Loomly not do well?
The only challenge we still have is that Instagram has not yet allowed Loomly to use its API and sometimes disconnects from Instagram
What do you wish you had known about Loomly before using?
Cost is more than I would like to pay, especially when I also need to pay Buffer along with it. I don't like the way the calendar is set up: it's not clear which posts come out every day, I try to mix the content of each platform during the week and after you've made several schedules and want to go back to verify what you did, It becomes difficult to see what is publishing where
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