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Review of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Kevin Fink

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does LinkedIn Sales Navigator do well?
I tried this during its trial phase and was impressed, but could not convince my higher ups to pony up the lofty monthly fee to continue using it. For those who mine data and do outreach, it's probably a no-brainer to grab the annual plan. Otherwise, I would stick to the monthly subscription until you can justify the cost.
What does LinkedIn Sales Navigator not do well?
I was disappointed there was not better customer retention. I was contacted many times with offers to re-up my subscription, but no one was ever willing to provide me a cut-rate or make it fit within my budget, since I was paying myself (not my company).
What do you wish you had known about LinkedIn Sales Navigator before using?
I trialed the software under two different accounts. Because my own Linkedin account is well populated, I realized that is how you get the best results: from the data associated with your (higher) number of contacts. When I switched to a new Linkedin account (my work account), the Sales Navigator tool was practically worthless because it had less connections to draw upon.