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Review of Squarespace

Frances Wayman

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Squarespace do well?
I like that Squarespace is basic enough to be easy to adopt and learn, but robust enough to handle large-scale business needs. I like how easy is it to add and edit pages, and to customize them to whatever you want. I like how easy it is to find things and edit settings. I specifically like how detailed the commerce reports are.
What does Squarespace not do well?
I don't like how there's not a way (that I know of) to export customer data within a custom date range, or using any organizational at all. I have to export the entire commerce report and then sort it in the excel sheet. I wish there was a way to organize and categorize that data before I export it.
What do you wish you had known about Squarespace before using?
I wish I had know there wasn't a way to add specific custom tags to contacts. You can organize them by SKU of what customers bought but there isn't a way to add a custom tag to a bulk group of customers. That was a big part of why we adopted SquareSpace, to more easily organize where clients come from.