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Review of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Gabrielle Dunkerton

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 do well?
Extensive CRM functionality and integration with Microsoft products and LinkedIn. I really like the integration with MS Outlook, although the plug-in is still a bit hard and significantly slows down performance. Integration with the complete package of Microsoft products. Level of customization and integration in third-party applications. It is simple to utilize, not super costly, and easy to explore and navigate.
What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 not do well?
Difficult to navigate for beginners and limited mobile app features. Modular, cloud-based ERP and CRM solution that offers AI and mixed-reality tools, as well as flexible pricing options. The first limit of memory beings in the cloud is 10 GB for entry-level CRM users, which was unhelpful for our purposes. Not having an edit capability available in the reports is a downfall for us.
What do you wish you had known about Microsoft Dynamics 365 before using?
Having a user on boarding would be of a great benefit.
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