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Review of Salesflare

Mike Lester Rosales

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Salesflare do well?
What I love about Salesflare is the mobile app and integration with Vectera. It integrates well with my Google and the simple workflow that I can follow to better monitor my Leads, Contacts, and Customers. I also love the INSIGHTS module inside the platform, which gives me a visual view of my current pipeline.
What does Salesflare not do well?
I think that Salesflare is not as matured a platform as Hubspot. I have been using Hubspot free plan and most features on Hubspot are not yet on Salesflare. I would have wanted to maximize the use of Salesflare but not everything I need is on Salesflare yet. I also wish that I can have FORMS that I can integrate onto my website with Salesflare.
What do you wish you had known about Salesflare before using?
I wish Salesflare could add more features like Landing pages, integration to email autoresponders, and Zapier. I also wish there was a simple step by step guide on properly configuring Salesflare. Some more email templates could be very useful as well.
Have you used a competitor to Salesflare? If so, how does it compare?
I have been using Hubspot. Salesflare has some of the features of Hubspot, but Hubspot just takes the spotlight as their free plan offers more features than Salesflare.
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