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Review of eClincher

Jason Wolbeck

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does eClincher do well?
eClincher is a very user friendly social scheduling platform that provides many features at a reasonable price. It integrates will all social platforms (including Instagram business pages & Pinterest) and has a feature to boost Facebook posts. The scheduling tool includes direct access to free stock photos, integrates with Canva, has a queue feature and more. There is also an inbox feature allowing you to monitor all messages, reviews, etc in one place as well as a feed to monitor specific hashtags/keywords, an analytics section and a tool to help search out influencers. The support team is very responsive via live chat.
What does eClincher not do well?
We've had a lot of issues using the Facebook boost post feature in eC. It was one of the benefits that sold the platform for us when looking to invest in a scheduling tool for our agency. It was a newly developed feature when we started using eC and their team has improved it quite a bit over the past year. But we still end up having a lot of posts that fail to boost, which requires us to then go into Facebook and boost the post directly. I've been in touch with their support team and they are working to fix this.. but just know at this point it still needs quite a bit of work. The platform can be a bit slow sometimes as well.. but they did just release an updated UI which has improved speed overall.
What do you wish you had known about eClincher before using?
Wish we would have know that boosting posts wouldn't be a very streamlined tool. It throws off efficiencies with how our agency operates.
Have you used a competitor to eClincher? If so, how does it compare?
No direct competitors. I have used Tweetdeck in the past, which of course only works for Twitter while eC works will all platforms.
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