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Review of 24liveblog

Thomas Richard

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What does 24liveblog do well?
It is a very useful live blog tool, it is very simple and easy to use, the interface is friendly and easy to understand what makes it an excellent tool to report events and also to be informed of what happens in the day a day, also for those who work as news reporters it is essential to be live updating each news and this page is useful for those types of people.
What does 24liveblog not do well?
It is a great tool, there is nothing wrong to say, you should only add more languages or the option to translate news that is not in our native language, in addition the interface can improve it better so that it is faster when reading the news that others publish every minute, but nevertheless more than complain we must be grateful that there is this good and surprising tool that keeps us with the news live.
What do you wish you had known about 24liveblog before using?
I wish I had known about this tool before to use it since its inception, it is great and the best thing is that from the first day I knew how to use it because it is simple and easy to use and understand, all the people who use it agree that it is a tool powerful when publishing our news or seeing what others are updating in the field of news and information minute by minute.
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