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Review of 24liveblog

John Chavez

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Overall Experience
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What does 24liveblog do well?
The best thing about this software is it's tracking capabilities, the ability to tell you how much time you've actually logged in and the frequency of your blogging. You get your own statistics which tells you how actively you are doing in your writing.
What does 24liveblog not do well?
I don't know if I would say it doesn't do this well so to speak but the software struggles sometimes with the statistics elements. I've wondered if this has been due to how our marketing department tends to do their reporting or if it's a technical thing. But my marketing department is heavily dependent on this software because we constantly need to know what our writers are saying and how much of it is being recorded.
What do you wish you had known about 24liveblog before using?
That it even existed!!! WE didn't know this tech existed until our new IT manager introduced it and it saved us a lot of money in the first year of use. I can't even begin to refer this program enough it's awesome not perfect but still very awesome.
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