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Review of 90 Second Website Builder

Gabrielle Dunkerton

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does 90 Second Website Builder do well?
You can create a landing page (I would hope so) and drag and drop features that are available. The interface will make you comfortable. The functionality and ease of use of a software depends on its user interface.
What does 90 Second Website Builder not do well?
When I was doing research to plot out my website creation, I came across option and wasn't super impressed. This is a cloud only platform, no Mac/pc or phone ability for on the go when you want it. Auto updates are not a thing - manual. There isn't an online store connection / build in and editing isn't automatic or immediate. Black Wire Marketing who created this website builder did not include pre-built templates, a survey creation service, or even the ability to import data or content to use. 90 second website builder needs to provide latest responsive templates for users to make appealing websites.
What do you wish you had known about 90 Second Website Builder before using?
I think having the trial that mirrored the real account would have been helpful.
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