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Review of TeamViewer

Nate Dunkerton

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Overall Experience
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What does TeamViewer do well?
TeamViewer.. oh how you have helped and saved me from time wasted so many times. Internally for work processes, I have been able to sync with Internet Technology and they have assessed and completed work orders so quickly for me while remote. This is a very helpful service to have installed. You do not have to have a router connected to use these services. TeamViewer can share a single application window or the entire desktop with another user. The full version of TeamViewer is absolutely free and is the program you need to install if you wish to set up a computer for constant remote access so you can always make a connection when you're away from it, otherwise known as unattended access.
What does TeamViewer not do well?
Can not be used for free in commercial settings. Might stop working if it thinks you're using it for commercial reasons. The "permanent" ID number might change unexpectedly. One thing I don't like all that much about TeamViewer is that the browser version is difficult to use. While it is possible to connect to another computer through a browser with TeamViewer, it's just not as effortless as it is with the desktop version. However, I can hardly complain because there is a desktop version available and it is easy to use.
What do you wish you had known about TeamViewer before using?