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Review of Pipeliner

Jesse Brewer

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What does Pipeliner do well?
Pipeliner is a sales training tool. With a great ingenious formula to focus on the most important thing to achieve a growth in sales or service very quickly in a very short period of time, one of the features I love about Pipeliner is that it shows the sales process as it moves its users stage by stage, which is a very important point for your users to visualize which processes need to be improved to keep growing steadily, overall Pipeliner is a very complete platform and fits perfectly to our usage needs.
What does Pipeliner not do well?
The operation of Pipeliner is very complete in all aspects that we see, in all the years that I have been working with this platform has never presented inconveniences in its operation, I personally consider this is a factor that I love about this platform, as it always allows its users to meet their goals with great efficiency.
What do you wish you had known about Pipeliner before using?
Before starting to work with Pipeliner we took the great task of researching similar platforms to find out what was of our convenience and once the decision was made to use pipeliner we investigated very well its performance to know its advantages and disadvantages, and in general Pipeliner has always worked perfectly and we have always had knowledge of all its platform in general.
Have you used a competitor to Pipeliner? If so, how does it compare?
Before using Pipeliner we previously worked with Zendesk which is a really similar platform, but we decided to buy Pipeliner because Zendesk presented several problems in its operation and when one sought help to support was very slow to solve the problems, due to all those problems our team and I made the decision to purchase a simpler platform but with more functionality and we found Pipeliner perfect.
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