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Review of Zoho Docs

James Hudson

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Zoho Docs do well?
I really like it, so it seems strange that the interface is not common, and that is good, in a nutshell, its interface is unique, and it is something that does not surprise me to be a Zoho software, since they are generally unique for please users, and like Zoho Docs, because I can create documents, spreadsheets for presentations easily, and I have the option to share and collaborate, it is a very well organized system that visually makes working with zoho pleasant and easy to use. Use for users with little experience in this type of systems. The main benefit of zoho docs is that it simplifies file management, acts as an additional file unit and provides us with a secure environment for your files.
What does Zoho Docs not do well?
At the moment I feel that it is quite complete, however, I have noticed a delay sometimes between the mobile application and the server, but it is not something worrying, but what is something serious is that I have noticed that sometimes it does not synchronize well, and the response time may be slow when writing.
What do you wish you had known about Zoho Docs before using?
I have many documents stored with Zoho Docs, and it has been a great experience since it is a software rich in cloud functions, in addition to providing a friendly environment, it is easy to use and I hope to continue using it.