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Review of Google Drive

Dan Fuoco

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What does Google Drive do well?
Google Drive keeps files in one attainable location: the cloud. It’s perfect for live editing with a group. Gone are the days downloading or opening a file, editing it and re-saving it under a new name with the date and other funky tactics. Now, you can access those documents all within Google Drive. It also making sharing those documents and folders as easy as a clickable link.
What does Google Drive not do well?
Nothing really. Google has perfected the ease and simplicity of this single objective software. They’re not trying to make it do more than it is meant to do.
What do you wish you had known about Google Drive before using?
How simple it was. I would have used it much sooner.
Have you used a competitor to Google Drive? If so, how does it compare?
Yes. DropBox is similar but more confusing. The site map is the confusing part. I never know what folder I’m in or at what part of the hierarchy I’m at because everything looks the same.