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Review of Sprout Social

Doug McArthur

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Overall Experience
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Customer Service
What does Sprout Social do well?
Sprout Social's best feature is its ability to easily schedule all social posts across all platforms in one interface. It guides you on best practices for posting, and has intelligence built-in that posts at the times when you'll get the most engagement.
What does Sprout Social not do well?
I wish the listening aspect of the platform was a little more fleshed out. I have demoed other platforms built on social listening that do a better job of suggesting hashtags and keywords to follow based on your industry or product. Sprout's attitude toward this feels kind of like "you're on your own".
What do you wish you had known about Sprout Social before using?
I wish I had known that Sprout immediately logs you out if another person logs in using the same username. I know this is an intentional measure to prevent teams from circumventing their per-user fees, but it feels punitive and a little confusing that it doesn't at least give you a warning before you're booted out, or throw some page up that tells you about their policies around multiple logins to the same user profile. I wouldn't mind paying for another user profile on my account if the cost wasn't so steep.
Have you used a competitor to Sprout Social? If so, how does it compare?
I have used HubSpot's social media management tools, along with some other platforms and I feel Sprout has a more focused and intentional approach to managing social media, since that's all they do. HubSpot has good tools, but it's just a small part of such a massive platform that running through the task of posting social updates across a bunch of platforms doesn't feel as easy and nice as it does in Sprout. I also really appreciate the care that has gone into Sprout's reporting. They obviously really understand the metrics that matter when looking at performance across all social channels.
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