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Review of eReleases

Mickie Kennedy

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You are mistaken. "NOT A SINGLE LINK BACK back from any site or outlet. " Actually you received more than 125 links back to you. Report: http://ereleases.com/y/ebng PDF of your pickup: http://ereleases.com/y/e3dx Since it has been more than four months some of these links will go inactive if they haven't already. However, we know you were disappointed and gave you the refund you requested. For $649, we cannot guarantee feature articles about musicians, especially when they aren't known. That being said, we feel 128 pickups is quite good for an initial press release, noting that one press release is not a PR campaign. Lastly, we never asked for $150 for two images. We have an option in the ordering system to embed images through the newswire for which the newswire charges. You do not have to pay it, you don't have to embed the images at the newswire. This was completely optional and you chose it. Regardless, many of your claims are just false. We wish you well.