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Review of Smartsheet

Gina Carter

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
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What does Smartsheet do well?
Smartsheet is a great way to create online spreadsheets. It was incredibly useful for our team in creating shared reports, but also limiting the sharing among certain users. It has the functionality of excel plus additional built-in mechanisms that make it more user friendly to someone not used to working within spreadsheets.
What does Smartsheet not do well?
The interface of accessing reports and sheets can be complicated. Since the system automatically organizes your spreadsheets into folders based on type, it can be hard to find a specific spreadsheet. This is the downside of using it over Excel and a typical hard drive filing system.
What do you wish you had known about Smartsheet before using?
If you are collaborating within your company on spreadsheets, then Smartsheet is a great option and works seamlessly to allow that collaboration. Collaborating outside of your organization is a different beast and typically works better with Google Sheets or even Excel just because of the specialization of the Smartsheet software.
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