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Review of Hostinger

Brandon Stuhr

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Hostinger do well?
Hostinger is a fantastic alternative to a more detail-heavy hosting service like Hostgator or Squarespace. Even their basic shared plan satisfies basic needs for a website
What does Hostinger not do well?
Outlining exactly what you are purchasing with their lowest price available.
What do you wish you had known about Hostinger before using?
I wish I understood the exact amount of space that you receive on the shared plan. I did have to upgrade.
Have you used a competitor to Hostinger? If so, how does it compare?
I have use Hostgator before, and I prefer Hostinger. While my customer support is overseas, they help me figure out exactly what the technical problem is and don't upsell me like crazy.
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