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Review of 48HourPrint.com


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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does 48HourPrint.com do well?
It is an advertising printing service which is online and has an excellent advice through its call center diligently attend payments are on your page which is very friendly meets requirements for long-term work. I have managed to do a dozen projects and have fulfilled my requirements in 70% which makes it acceptable. The 19x27 matte posters were INCREDIBLE! .
What does 48HourPrint.com not do well?
There may be delays in delivery, which does not make it 100% reliable. I would say that it is only for non-immediate projects where there may be a time lag. Professional quality, fast, and attached to the budgets, were also the cheapest I could find! I will definitely return when I need to reorder
What do you wish you had known about 48HourPrint.com before using?
It is not necessary to leave the office to print your projects and advertising everything is on the sidelines of a computer and its services are excellent. The delivery was very fast.
Have you used a competitor to 48HourPrint.com? If so, how does it compare?
I have used marcaprint.com but I did not meet my requirements nor could I be attended to correct some guidelines.