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Review of Constant Contact

Marie Whitney

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Constant Contact do well?
The process of creating emails and email lists is very practical and easy to perform, so the software takes care of the whole part of automation and the user should only focus is to find new customers. Its website builder functionality will allow you to design custom web pages without having to have programming knowledge, which opens up the possibility that any user can build by their own the website of their dreams. Importing contacts is an extremely easy task even for users who use other email providers but want to incorporate their contacts into Constant contact.
What does Constant Contact not do well?
Very few permissions options that can be granted to users, and the two it offers are very polarized, one is very permissive and the other very strict. The rate of spam emails can become very high, so the mechanism that takes care of keeping your emails out of your customers' spam have to do a better job. Although it has metrics about what your customers do, it falls a little short compared to other software who shows greater visibility of such user information.
What do you wish you had known about Constant Contact before using?
There was an occasion where I was faced with the amount of spam my campaign was generating through the list of emails i create, so I had to contact customer support which was not a pleasant experience , i had to contact them up to three times because some agents did not give me the solution to my problem, they did not seem to fully understand how to find an appropriate suggestion so I would have known that it would take a lot of time for them to solve a problem.
Have you used a competitor to Constant Contact? If so, how does it compare?
One of the software you use to run email marketing campaigns was Mailchimp. One of the strengths of this tool is its modern designs for both its user interface and the templates used in emails. Instead Constant contact offers a very interesting function to record events and thus generate greater attendance in events and conferences, in addition to circumventing by categories the search results to facilitate this task for users.
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