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Review of Trello

Maverlyn Tan

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Overall Experience
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What does Trello do well?
Trello lets you keep all your organization's to-do lists, including that of your colleagues so it is all visible within the organisation if you would wish to make it so. You can also create different boards for different topics, then under those topics you can also separate into different tickets and also checklists or so on. So it makes it very organised. I usually jot those down because I have a bad memory, especially when work gets a little overwhelming and I need some place to write it down so I can free my mind to focus on other work, but also have them recorded down, just to make work more efficient and effective overall.
What does Trello not do well?
I thought it was quite underwhelming when I started using it. My friends from another start up was raving about it, but then my colleagues said it wasn't that great and that their organisation stopped using it, so I tried it for myself, and I mean it's just like a normal to-do list. I found myself using it pretty much at the start, but then now I'm already slowly using it lesser and lesser now. I think what I wish the software could do better is to maybe add a notification setting, or like since it's another tab it's not really always in my view, and I can only see it if I remember to click on the tab, when I'm working I have millions of tabs i usually forget as well. I still find myself going back to using Post It's.
What do you wish you had known about Trello before using?
I guess how to efficiently use the software because to me right now (I'm a new user) it doesn't seem that great as others hyped it up, I found it pretty underwhelming to be honest. Maybe there are many other better, more enhancing ways to make the software experience more pleasant. If only there was like a guide like in the old microsoft word with the paperclip, it might be more informative.
Have you used a competitor to Trello? If so, how does it compare?
I guess it's just normal Post It's or Wunderlist or To-Doist. I don't see much difference between each of them to be honest because note taking to me is quite mundane, if only they could make the experience better then I would pay more attention. I'd also choose the best "free" option instead of having to buy the add-ons.
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