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Review of ADP Workforce Now

Marlin Mosquera

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Overall Experience
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What does ADP Workforce Now do well?
The timekeeping function allows us to keep an accurate track of our employees, even when working in a different location. We have the ability to allocate costs from one cost center to another from within the timecard making it easy to transfer costs. We have added schedules to track clocking discrepancies and also recently added an ADP partner for additional resources in dealing with an attendance policy. Payroll makes it easy to manage all aspects of pay from garnishments to bonuses. The tax service takes care of reporting all the taxes so we just need to make sure all the data in the system is correct. The implementation to ADP was very well managed and timed. They employ very good resources that will walk you through the entire process without any of the stresses usually associated with an implementation
What does ADP Workforce Now not do well?
Benefit Accruals - don't know how to make sure they are working correctly. When the year turns over there is no way to make sure the payrolls covering the end of December booked time off requests to the year just finished instead of adding it to the new year. I end up making a lot of adjustments in January.
What do you wish you had known about ADP Workforce Now before using?
All situations would be appropriate. It depends on how detailed you want to be with regards to payroll processing and reporting. Workforce Now allows you to be very detailed or not so much. It does take a bit to get used to and to run it efficiently.
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