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Review of BrightEdge

Sarah Callahan

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What does BrightEdge do well?
BrightEdge is one of my favorite search engine optimization tools out there. It offers powerful SEO tools to be able to give a deep dive into your website rankings and traffic. Unlike some other tools the dashboard is customizable and can give you a quick snapshot of SEO health and relevant information. Some of other companies will expect you to dig. For example, I like how the Data Cube will give you a list of keywords to target, or the Share of Voice will tell you how you rank against competitors.
What does BrightEdge not do well?
Every search engine optimization tool will have some drawbacks but BrightEdge has the least. Like most SEO tools the forecasting can be a little spotty. You'll always have to make your own insights based off of the data but BrightEdge does it best. It's a great tool to have if you're not versed in the space. It's an even better tool if you are.
What do you wish you had known about BrightEdge before using?
I wish I had known more about how much BrightEdge was before using it. My old employer had to monitor their client sites and I thought it was amazing. Fast forward to my new company and it's way out of our price range.
Have you used a competitor to BrightEdge? If so, how does it compare?
All of the companies I've worked for that tracked SEO ended up switching over to SEMrush. Personally I think BrightEdge is much more powerful and accurate software but I understand it's much more expensive. SEMrush will give you most of the same raw information but only someone experienced in SEO can use it unlike BrightEdge.