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Review of TeamViewer

Eric Baker

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does TeamViewer do well?
TeamViewer is an incredible platform for anyone, among its great features that feature the remote ease of providing content support. The main thing and what I like most about this tool is that through it I can connect easily and quickly to remote computers and thus manage to execute my work stories as a corrector of configuration errors in teams of my friends, family or clients and installation and configuration of software, This scheme called Teamviewer is closely effective convenient that its installation and release is extremely fast and easy, its interface is intuitive and the agility of connection between one device and another is fast, this event presents no mistake.
What does TeamViewer not do well?
TeamViewer is a very good platform that offers great opportunities, but it has some notable drawbacks that must be improved for the optimal operation of the application quickly, correctly and easily. After this tool has been paid for many years, the only thing I did not like is that we can only build a connection with a single computer simultaneously, which means that in some cases we need more time to make repairs and corrections in configuration in more of a device or computer
What do you wish you had known about TeamViewer before using?
Thanks teamViewer we have an incredible platform that handles the remote control of all computers quickly and safely. As a company we wanted more inspection among computers. And with TeamViewer, computers remotely via the Internet are controlled. It is an occupation exaggeratedly equivalent to the screen. It is an effective representation of helping a spontaneous one. It is also exaggeratedly advantageous to run servers. It is a set of advantages to optimize the notifications that TeamViewer has only given us and we want to persist doing so. We are in a circumstance of full satisfaction within the environment that TeamViewer has given us