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Review of Cisco Webex Meetings

Anny Soto

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What does Cisco Webex Meetings do well?
Within Cisco Webex we have our own private meeting room. Cisco Webex seems really convenient because at the technical level the meeting audio can be customized, to the point that we can include our own audio packages to achieve results more in line with our brand as a company, although Cisco Webex still offers configurations of Enough audio so that this feature does not always have to be applied.
What does Cisco Webex Meetings not do well?
Although Cisco Webex focuses on communication, it does not have enough means to focus on collaboration during work. The best example for this is that it has no tools to create group brainstorming, or to execute discussions between one or more employees within a forum system.
What do you wish you had known about Cisco Webex Meetings before using?
It is interesting to be able to plan different activities that can be executed after each meeting, such as small exams or surveys, to better understand the opinion of the attendees. Within Cisco Webex we can send invitations to many people, so it is easy to include people both external and from the company for meetings, which can be saved in the cloud with excellent quality.
Have you used a competitor to Cisco Webex Meetings? If so, how does it compare?
Cisco Webex has a good evaluation capacity when working with customer assistance, which is a very interesting approach in the case of videoconferencing software, because we can make direct calls to them and show in a much more graphic way the explanations and solutions that are necessary, in a very similar way to what happens with the services of the company Teamviewer. Cisco Webex has shown fabulous results in the management of group writing processes, and in the correction of errors within them, which can be done in a synchronized way.