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Review of BambooHR

Anny Soto

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does BambooHR do well?
The level of optimization achieved through Bamboohr's workflows is enormous. In addition, only a few clicks are needed to easily fulfill tasks of vital importance, such as the delegation of work to more than one member, so that they achieve better coordination.
What does BambooHR not do well?
The level of customization obtained through BambooHR has not been as acceptable due to its access limitations, mainly when working from the standard plan, which barely allows organizing personnel lists, leaving aside the visibility of much great information relevance on it. When it comes to segmenting candidates through the monitoring system, it becomes difficult to achieve a good overall deployment.
What do you wish you had known about BambooHR before using?
We are impressed with how easy it has been to use BambooHR in the execution of follow-up candidates. The platform has served to be able to save in the cloud all kinds of informative reports on employee performance. In addition to this, it presents a quite acceptable basis for self-service, so we decided to subscribe to its newsletters by email, to keep abreast of any possible updates within the platform.
Have you used a competitor to BambooHR? If so, how does it compare?
When it comes to human resources, BambooHR is highly collaborative and efficient. We want to recommend it because it has greatly met our expectations, because regardless of the size of our team, the platform has been able to organize applicant tracking processes with ease. It is advisable to assign work to other employees or candidates.