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Review of Squarespace

Joshua Melder

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Overall Experience
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What does Squarespace do well?
Squarespace is one of the most attractive website builders on the market. The platform offers an extremely wide variety of templates for users to start with and expand later. Font, placement, images, and mobile compatibility are very well thought-out. The designers have spend considerable detail enabling individuals to create a site that is attractive and inviting for visitors. Finally, Squarespace offers fair pricing with multiple tiers to develop a site for the needs of the user (whether it be personal, professional, or an online store).
What does Squarespace not do well?
The Squarespace editing tool is much slower than many others on the market. There are significant loading periods between edits and changes require confirming edits with a click. It would be extremely nice if there was an autosave (for document history) feature that came with the service - even if it was only for full-time paid users. Finally, when a save is submitted, that change is immediately published. Therefore it would be nice to have a feature that holds all changes back until one chooses to officially publish the new content.
What do you wish you had known about Squarespace before using?
Year and bi-yearly subscriptions include a domain name for one year. This includes unlimited pages and bandwidth for a slightly above average price (about $12 a month).