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What does do well? is a hosting service to host your blog or website. Often users confuse with the software. Free platform is a good choice for beginners to write and publish content on the web. On the other side, you should have a hosting to host your sites with WordPress self-hosting. One of the major reason why we love it is free to use for up to 3GB of space. After that, you can buy the premium plan if you wish.
What does not do well?
One of the major drawbacks of is it gives only 3GB and after that, you have to pay $36 per year for the very basic plan. Another issue is they place ads on all free websites. So your users will see ads, and you don’t make money from it. They should share the revenue with the users.
What do you wish you had known about before using?
If you are new to Blogging and you don't have much money to invest just to learn basic Blogging, you can try for free. It is good for light users.
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