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Review of Easel.ly

Thomas Richard

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
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What does Easel.ly do well?
It is an excellent tool, it is easy to use and it is intuitive what makes it great. For people who have little ability to do infographics, it will help them a lot since you can do infographics easily, it offers the option and utilities of images, graphics that we can use to make the creations we want. Its cost is very low is a very accessible price for all people so it is recommended for its price below similar tools.
What does Easel.ly not do well?
I have no problems with this tool, what they should improve is in relation to adding more options to create better infographics, but it offers excellent tools and utilities that I can easily use without problems and complaints.
What do you wish you had known about Easel.ly before using?
I wish I had known this tool before, since its use makes the job of making infographics with graphics and options of these characteristics easier. Every day I use Easel.ly and it excites me every day with all the options it offers where I can quickly and easily do all my work in an efficient and professional way.