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Review of NewGlue

Thomas Richard

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does NewGlue do well?
It is a very good and easy to understand page, its interface is very intuitive and that's great. I can make excellent logos that satisfy customers, I can also select what type of logo I am going to make and this option is quite innovative and useful so it facilitates the work and the decision when creating and working on that logo.
What does NewGlue not do well?
NewGlue It does not present problems or failures, it helps me in what I need and I am happy with that, if there is something that should improve is to add better options to create another type of logos, but it is still a great company with excellent options.
What do you wish you had known about NewGlue before using?
I really wish I had known about this company for a long time, since it is excellent for creating logos for brands and ventures in general, since the use makes it easier to create and design logos for customers who are satisfied with each work done. There is efficiency and better creativity since we use NewGlue at work.