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Review of Orderhive

Local Beavers

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the software or service do well?
Orderhive allows us to integrate almost everything with almost everything. Probably the best feature of Orderhive is the least tangible or measureable: the staff. The customer service I have received has been outstanding thus far. The team are knowledgeable and transparent and will always at least try to help you get to where you need to be. Setu (AM) is smart and incisive and always goes above and beyond to get you there. I'm not sure when he sleeps, but is always around when you need him. The rest of the team are supportive and available. The automations are our other most liked feature. The ability to set rules based actions, create auto invoices, send emails when something happens, move orders around automatically is great. I genuinely could not find another piece of similar software that will do as much as orderhive does, for the pricepoint that it does it at. It is not perfect by any means, but even in their flaws, they excel: there is, built in, a feedback feature which when opened, will allow you to search for issues highlighted by other users and from there you can see if it is development, planned, executed etc. If something needs doing they listen to users almost constantly and will implement it. It feels like they are building and evolving the platform on almost a daily basis and based on customer feedback, which is awesome, as it means if you find something that should work better, you can just enter a comment into the system, describe what, why, usecases etc, and you can keep track if it is being implemented, when and how etc. They also have the ability to fast track features, custom reports or invoice templates if needed, for payment. This is great if you have an urgent need and time is more important than money in that scenario. Overall, It's awesome. Not perfect, but way more perfect than anything else currently on the market.
What does the software or service not do well?
The one downfall of Orderhive is its biggest plus - It's massive. There is no way you will learn it all in a week or even a month. It is so packed with features that it's impossible to know how many ways it will fix workflows or what it can help you with, simply because it is so flexible; this takes time to learn. The demo version is not long enough (2 weeks) and you'll need to pay for the team to set you up ($99). This is a bit catch 22, when you do the demo with demo data, it looks like a fairly standard bit of kit - nice but nothing super special. It's only when you actually get your data in there and start using it that you begin to understand how and why it will help. You need to pay for this though, and i as a demo user, did not want to pay to be set up in a piece of software that by definition I hadn't decided i was using yet. Doing the demo with the team definitely helped and I recommend it to everyone. It's impossible to get an idea of it on your own. The help database is good, lots of videos, but way more depth is needed in articles to understand how features work the way they do. For example, what rules the automations follow. What order they get activated in. If one is triggered and another 2nd later automations instructions conflict with it, what happens. The automations side is new and I feel like they are still building it out though, so probably more articles will come later. The features though are great, and we genuinely couldn't run our business without them.
What do you wish you had known about the software or service before using?
I wish the demo was set up more intuitively. They underestimate what you can do with it and doing the demo with demo data doesn't show it off to it's full potential. You can only really see what it is capable of by using it and unfortunately you have to pay for them to set you up on it (This is needed, and their white glove approach to onboarding new customers is awesome.), but as a new customer, without knowing how good it is, I was reluctant to pay the money. If I hadn't found a workaround, I probably would still be struggling along with previous system. I wish I had known realistically how long it would take to fully integrate with systems, I do not at all begrudge the time spent, but it would have been better to know in advance. Better knowledgebase needed. You don't get the white glove customer service till you join - it's before that you need it, and time with the product.
Have you used a competitor to the software or service? If so, how does it compare?
This software helps us to bring everything into one place. It has all the features of the others put together. Odero is great but doesn't do automations well. Zapier is great but doesn't always put the data in the places you need it to. Sheets is a good tool but basic. Multiorders is good but focuses on getting product out the door, less on what happens after that. Selling product is only half the battle, the invoicing, duty/customs/shipping and others, is where the fun begins. Orderhive has helped us reduce latency in order fulfilment, allowed us to setup automations which add users automatically to mailing lists in other platforms, and therefore ask for feedback, provide offers etc. It allows us to create invoices automatically, to manage our inventory across multiple platforms, to keep track of customers, to print shipping labels and all paperwork needed on customised forms that we built (The paperwork that can be generated is pretty standard, but all can be customised by you, if it's fairly minor or even in some cases major changes needed. You don't have to pay them for this.) We work much better now and I hope as we integrate more and grow, Orderhive will grow alongside us. Customer service is definitely the high point. If I can be polite and say they are very patient, helpful and we are NOT an easy business/customer to fit software to. if they can manage you - you will be fine. Orderhive is not perfect, but it is more perfect than anything else on the market. It's also not the cheapest - but you get what you pay for - a million features, more can be built if you need them - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Orderhive to anyone, and regularly do. Awesome.
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