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Review of Jira Software

Rebecca Rondon

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What does Jira Software do well?
I will play a software that I like because it is of great help for the planning of the projects that I carry out with my colleagues and this is because it gives us the necessary tools for this process, from seeing the history of the team, that is, how much has been done advanced, that other resources are needed for the next step, assignment of tasks and even file sharing in which you can label whoever you want.
What does Jira Software not do well?
Jira is based on its plans according to the number of users who handle the same since you must be sure of how many users will use it to avoid high expenses without need, since the more users are higher the prices will be.
What do you wish you had known about Jira Software before using?
Jira is quite useful especially if it is associated with other software since it is possible not only to manage project planning but also to be able to correct errors and even code and more if it is used together with Bitbucket, that is why I would like to have more knowledge about how this software is related to other products so you can have everything you need to make daily work even easier.
Have you used a competitor to Jira Software? If so, how does it compare?
Jira differs from other software because it is quite flexible with users because it provides all the necessary tools to make it possible to continue performing tasks or projects regardless of whether they are traveling, with it it is possible to assign tasks, plan large-scale projects and even correct errors in them so that clean projects are delivered.
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