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Review of BrightLocal

Margaret Sulapas

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does BrightLocal do well?
I found out that they have a separate service called Citation Building and I tried it and it saved me a ton of time! The support was efficient and the service was delivered effectively. If you are starting out with Local SEO, this is the best place to be!
What does BrightLocal not do well?
I think they can do something with the pricing? For $29/mo you can only add 3, I think 5 will be a great deal for starters or perhaps $19/mo for 3 or even $9/mo for 1. In my case, I only use it for myself, so a different tier will be appropriate for me. I tried their Local SEO Audit features and it feels alright for beginners but for advanced SEO marketers, I believe they would need more.
What do you wish you had known about BrightLocal before using?
I wish I have known the citation building service they have way before. I usually do it myself or hire someone else to do it but then it takes a lot of time. With BrightLocal, they delivered my order after less than 2 weeks and gave me recommendations on what I should do next. I am about to renew my subscription so I'll know more about the product.