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Review of monday.com

John C Spearman

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Overall Experience
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Customer Service
What does monday.com do well?
The robustness of its features is of great help to develop complex campaigns, this shows the depth in which each of the functionalities found in the software were created. The tracking system is very helpful, as well as the prioritization of tasks that makes our focus improve on the most important activities of our projects. The modular look of the dashboard helps to better manage our tasks as well as drag and drop elements to have better visibility of our work.
What does monday.com not do well?
When you are working on a project that has a lot of data the software seems to have a difficult to keep pace and manage all this information so the response and reaction times increase and that lag is evident in its functions. The mobile application has a lot to improve in terms of the glitches that it presents as in the incorporation of more functionalities than if they are in its web version. The free trial is very limited in features so it would be good if they were a little flexible in this regard.
What do you wish you had known about monday.com before using?
The free trial they offer does not do justice to all the functionalities that the software has so no doubt having chosen to get one of their paid plans was the best decision that my company could have made, after this you have to use the tool c on patience to test each of the functions and to be able to understand the right time when using them and thus make the most of the benefit that comes from working with monday.com.
Have you used a competitor to monday.com? If so, how does it compare?
Trello used it at the company where he worked for project management. Both software provide a fairly flexible and easy-to-implement API system for application creation and development. As for integrations monday.com is much better since it has an extensive list with the most important and useful platforms to scale the functions any type of company or business. The graphical interface of monday.com turns out to be more modular and responsive than that offered by Trello.