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Review of monday.com

Joshua Melder

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Overall Experience
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What does monday.com do well?
Monday.com is a cloud-based project management tool that helps organizational teams stay on task. Overall, Monday.com works well as a tool because the cloud-based nature enables teams to collaborate regardless of distance. Monday offers an extremely modern interface with similar tools to other project management applications on the web. The web interface allows end-users to organize themselves via week or project as a whole. Additionally, there are quite a few integrations that one can add to the platform for productivity. Finally, inviting other team members into a project works incredibly well. Overall, I have really enjoyed my initial experience and look forward to seeing this program continually updated and improved.
What does monday.com not do well?
Monday.com works really well for delegating tasks and showing who is responsible during a time-frame. I would say, adding supplemental information (like attachments) and more robust information is a bit limiting in comparison to other tools. I would say, Monday.com focuses more on tasks and completion percentage - which can limit the cross-functionality of the platform.
What do you wish you had known about monday.com before using?
Monday.com is a very cost-friendly project management tool. When comparing tools, I would say that Monday.com is most similar to Asana - with a more modern user interface. Finally, I would say that Monday.com does have a mobile app for on the go collaboration. However, I do believe the experience could be further refined. I have had times when I feel functionality required a PC browser when I would have liked to update on the app. Overall, I would say Monday.com is a fantastic value for those looking for project management software.