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Review of QuickBooks Online

Steven H. Fage

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Overall Experience
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What does Quickbooks Online do well?
QBO does a great job of connecting to all of your banking and credit card sources. The idea of using QBO online instead of the desktop is purely for the integrations and amount of time saved with keeping things updated. It also allows for multiple accounts under one user which makes it easy to access all of my companies.
What does Quickbooks Online not do well?
QBO pricing is a bit on the high side but hard the service is hard to leave due to its flexibility and integrations. They seem to raise the price every year, not real happy about that. But I haven't seen another solution that can match it. The integrations are key.
What do you wish you had known about Quickbooks Online before using?
I wish I was more aware of accounting in general, it would have helped me be less intimidated when setting QBO up. Either way, the startup guide helps you through getting started. I also wish I had known more about the rules function, would have made reconciling a lot easier, now I use it extensively.
Have you used a competitor to Quickbooks Online? If so, how does it compare?
I have considered Zoho accounting, but have not committed the time to try it out or making the jump to it.. moving my accounting around seems scary lol.. Otherwise, most accounting suites seem lacking in one or two key areas or are mostly focused on invoicing, ie freshbooks..
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