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Review of AnyDesk

John Cassidy

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does AnyDesk do well?
One of its strengths is that it allows you to work right way after having downloaded the executable which is quite light, takes you directly to the main dashboard which focuses on taking all the input of the user along with the robust configurations offered by the software in its functions. It allows to work in almost any environment and platform including OS with Linux kernel, as well as Windows systems which are the most used in business and business environments.
What does AnyDesk not do well?
Privilege assignment is often an issue when you don't have an administrator permission on the other hand, making it unable to make changes and creating inconveniences by controlling the sign. If the same version of the software is not being used on the two machines then compatibility conflicts may occur in which some functions do not perform properly. It does not perform well in non-high-speed connections thus creating slow functions and thus creating discontent in the user.
What do you wish you had known about AnyDesk before using?
It is necessary to have a high-speed connection in order to appreciate optimal software performance, this requirement cannot be met all the time by the different environments in which it is necessary to work so it becomes a little difficult to experience a acceptable performance. If both ends of the connection do not have the same version of the application this can cause compatibility problems and lift occasional glitches that although they do not affect the functionality of the software is annoying to experience.
Have you used a competitor to AnyDesk? If so, how does it compare?
I used a similar program to remotely access my computer when I was away from home, TeamViewer introduces good features and pricing plans. Anydesk can be deployed faster than TeamViewer this due to the size of its executable making the download process a matter of seconds. Both present a slightly poor customer support with long waiting periods to get a response from their service which adds a level of stress and discomfort to their users.