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Review of Skype for Business

Eric Baker

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Skype for Business do well?
Skype for Business is an incredible platform that brings great benefits without a doubt in charge of keeping us up to date on communication and excellent performance. I like Skype either for a momentary correspondence and I can connect with any individual in my institution with just one click. It is an attractive way to get answers if I have a difficulty with what I am working on. Commitment to a great company that we work with people from all over the universe, so instant correspondence is closely transcendental for me, since it is easier to send an expedited message in part to quote the person.
What does Skype for Business not do well?
Skype For business is a platform that brings great benefits, but as any means presents it has some important drawbacks that must be tried to improve to a large extent. There is a delay between audio and video while the video call. Sometimes we lost communication and could not distinguish the background of the talk. Skype's Android service is greatly slow. There are not enough emoticons on Skype, there are also enough gifs. There is no choice for voicemails. It is necessary to have a solid Internet connection so that this mode can obtain a solid communication with each of the participants.
What do you wish you had known about Skype for Business before using?
Skype for business has given me great benefits in my work aspect, increased productive activity and increased communication with the company's employees. From my site through Skype, I can save peculiarly, as I can attend meetings with the consumer without deprivation of walking to the place of the consumer. I can direct and manipulate all my commitment partners. Immediately with some other correspondence tools, use Skype to reach the representatives of my device, which is distributed in four cities on two continents. It is a perfect instrument for correspondence and offers good value for money correspondence.
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