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Review of SmartDraw

Anaya Struncova

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does SmartDraw do well?
Great diagramming application with an incredible ease of use, a very friendly and intuitive interface, its access is simple and fast, it only requires an email and password, it provides a series of templates and symbols with which it is possible to design from , organization charts, floor plans, CAD drawings, projects and schedules, network diagrams, diagrams and graphs, diagrams, being possible that once completed they can be exported to other applications such as Trello and Jira, and the best thing is that it allows shape design collaborative so it is a fairly complete and ideal application for the process of creation and presentation of projects.
What does SmartDraw not do well?
I wish I could implement automatic saving, since many times for some reason you can lose the work done and start from scratch merits time that can be used in another activity.
What do you wish you had known about SmartDraw before using?
I would like to be able to count on your support team since it is normally absent, but nevertheless I consider it a very useful tool for the easy and fast design of any type of layout, which generates the advantage of saving time and much more intuitive presentations for the team or even the customer.
Have you used a competitor to SmartDraw? If so, how does it compare?
Unlike other software, its interface is quite friendly and has quick and simple access, its tools are very complete, and it offers templates that make the design even easier and save you much more time especially if you are before the clock.