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Review of Salesforce

Raymond Gurley

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Salesforce do well?
What I like most about SalesForce is to be able to develop commercial applications, but most of all I like the ability it has to design and create custom applications, I really like its interface since it is very intuitive and never needs any help from third parties, since that everything is very understandable at the first, I really like its functions such as candlesticks, this allows me to organize, I can take notes, I can also apply a schedule for meetings among other things, I can offer each client who feels important since it allows me to treat each one of them as a unique and special being.
What does Salesforce not do well?
Honestly, with the latest current versions I have not witnessed any malfunction, on the contrary, I consider this tool very complete and fluid, therefore I do not have much to complain about, therefore I have no negative comments.
What do you wish you had known about Salesforce before using?
With SalesForce I have been able to follow up on my activities like my clients, I can establish schedules and work in a more organized way, thanks to this, it has helped me a lot with my productivity, helping to communicate with my clients in a way organized.