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Review of ActiveCampaign

Marie Whitney

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does ActiveCampaign do well?
The robustness of its functions is particularly favorable to meet the needs of the customer and users to target, giving the ability to create fully customized camapañas that help deliver efficient content and be captured in a way simple and immediate by users. How well optimized emails are to eliminate possible parsing errors on the different and so different devices or OS that exist today, here we can see the hard work of the app's developers and the attention to detail they have had and continue to have.
What does ActiveCampaign not do well?
The template editor is not as accurate or accurate as it should so a really easy task can take longer than it should. Opting for CRM features is considerably expensive which is a bit disconcerting as this is one of the features that other email marketing applications are integrating by default among their features, so you should be a little more flexible the cost of incorporating this feature into the tool.
What do you wish you had known about ActiveCampaign before using?
Not having the ability to fully export my account data to an external body so that I have a backup in a safe place either locally on my computer or on any cloud provider as well as having various options of formats such as json , cvs would be of great help. Editing customizable templates is not a flawless task, there are some issues that can take longer than necessary and force you to work your way around this issues, yet it's something I'm sure they're working to improve it.
Have you used a competitor to ActiveCampaign? If so, how does it compare?
There are many email campaign creation software on the market and one I used for quite some time was MailChimp. One of the disadvantages of using this tool is that it does not natively have CRM functions so you have to choose a program that does this for you which takes away functionality to the application, ActiveCampaign on the other hand it does offers a CRM system in its paid versions , incorporating useful functions that integrate greatly with the application.
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