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Review of BlueJeans

Marie Whitney

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does BlueJeans do well?
Due to its well-developed structure and operation Bluejeans offers a wide variety of applications to be integrated into its set of functionalities making this tool very flexible and with scaling skills making sure to maintain a constantly growing alongside your business and needs. The option to connect to meetings via mobile devices such as Android and iOS is available, increasing the productivity of users away from their computer.
What does BlueJeans not do well?
Maintaining video and sound quality when the Internet connection is not the best is something that costs this software a lot, another factor that influences even more is that as the number of participants in the video called the quality of the video is losing progress so it is necessary to optimize the software by the development team to polish these types of issues and perfect its operation at all times to deliver a highly productive and functional product.
What do you wish you had known about BlueJeans before using?
It is necessary a fast internet connection to show the actual performance of the application that fulfilling this point is usually excellent, with that being said it does not perform as expected for slow connections since the audio quality is lost, making it hard to hear from who's on the other side. It takes too many resources from my computer, specifically memory usage which causes occasional slowness problems to appear in the operation of the software.
Have you used a competitor to BlueJeans? If so, how does it compare? is another software focused on the business environment of communications through video and audio, this particular software has a very unresponsive customer support, which takes too long to solve the problems presented by the user, on the other hand the one offered by Bluejeans has seemed quite user friendly and its agents really provide you with the most correct solutions and suggestions to the doubts or problems you may have. The audio and video quality provided by the two software are very similar, delivering their highest performance on fast connections.
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