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Review of Evernote

Gary Evans

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Evernote do well?
What I like about Evernote is that everything I do goes to the cloud and with this I can be sure that I will always have my ideas and notes stored in a place where I can always review them, I also like this application is that with it everything becomes easier at work, since I coordinate all my work with to-do lists and reminders, You can synchronize notes between your computers and phones with Evernote, I can also use the fingerprint to unlock the application and thus maintain more security when saving my information, You can embed images, take audio notes, connect to Google Drive, its easy-to-use format helps me simplify and focus on what matters.
What does Evernote not do well?
One of the things I do not like about this tool is that the fact that it is intuitive does not mean that, in certain cases, it does not saturate the user with so many functions that end up complicating the user experience, it is the only drawback that has presented Evernote.
What do you wish you had known about Evernote before using?
This application can meet all the requirements of each user, so it makes it a very useful tool, it is designed to be used by any type of user without any inconvenience, so it is not necessary to have prior knowledge to use Evernote.
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