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Eiichi Mochizuki

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does do well? excellent software to make professional video calls, currently I work with this platform daily and its functionality at all times has been incredible, its connection is very stable, its interface is of a very professional design and is highly compatible with many devices. This system has very good functionalities like screen sharing and call recording, really Appear. In is a very comfortable service.
What does not do well?
I really have no complaints about this software, in the time I have been using it it has worked very well and has allowed me to make all my video calls very efficiently. Sometimes the software is a little bit delayed in its operation, but it is nothing serious and it is something very common in all similar software.
What do you wish you had known about before using?
Actually when I knew the service I was completely impressed, because of how efficient it is. In all the time I've been using Appear. In has worked perfectly for my usage needs and has not presented any kind of negative surprises that would surprise me.
Have you used a competitor to If so, how does it compare?
Two years ago I was working with the Empathy software to make video calls, but because I had several problems with this service I decided to look for one that better suited my needs of uses and I knew has really been a service that has worked for me.
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