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Review of Evernote

Robert Nielsen

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Evernote do well?
This application is also capable of storing any information on the Internet and can also record any voice memo, with this software you can write the most outstanding ideas that you collect in meetings with your content writing and evaluation team, you can also use your tool to make calendars and record your team meetings, the activities you should carry out and the ideas to make your reports, it is really useful to facilitate the process of sharing important content in any company by effectively managing everything related to company documents, It's great to be able to share documents with other people, it's a very complete tool.
What does Evernote not do well?
Search function did not work on Android 8.0 for 2 months and did not respond to requests to solve it, it is the only negative aspect I have had with this tool, everything else has worked very well for me.
What do you wish you had known about Evernote before using?
It really is a very easy tool to use, thanks to its incredible interface, it makes everything much easier, it is not at all necessary to know much about Evernote before using it.
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