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Review of CloudBerry

Anaya Struncova

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Overall Experience
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What does CloudBerry do well?
It is a nice software to look at, because it has an intuitive and modern interface. It allows the user to choose if they want a local or cloud storage destination, it is available for Windows, Linux and even for macOS. It offers really favorable functions such as being able to carry out backups quickly and safely and being able to do it from one line service to another, it is also possible to schedule at what time these copies are made so that the activity of each user is not interrupted and it is best that it does not matter from where the copies are being made Safety speed will always be good.
What does CloudBerry not do well?
As for a point that I do not like about this software is that its learning curve can be high, so if you have no idea how to start your configuration, the most practical thing is to go to your support team
What do you wish you had known about CloudBerry before using?
Yes, I consider that it is quite relevant software at the enterprise level since it saves any business from long inactivity, since if any server fails, having backup copies allows you to restore this information and thus be in operation again, in addition to that create high speed copies ensures a fairly efficient and feasible process.
Have you used a competitor to CloudBerry? If so, how does it compare?
Backup software usually provides only one way to store but CloudBerry gives the user the possibility to choose between a local or online storage, this makes it flexible since the user can choose the service that best suits their expectations In addition, providing fast and secure backups saves time that can be used to carry out activities that increase business productivity, since it generates the confidence that all the most important data is being stored for use in case of some emergency