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Thalia Plata

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Overall Experience
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What does do well?
We are delighted that the calendar function serves as a vision system for all work in general from the beginning of each project until the end of its entire life cycle. The software greatly expands the view of the work of each person on the team, and helps to obtain more comprehensive and orderly results. In addition, its delivery date configuration system has served to have a closer view of the work goals. is a recommended website if you need to synchronize information about projects in a unified way and with the highest possible quality. Through this software we have also been able to create our own teams, which are basically based on the skills that each person has individually, and that we can score or organize completely for convenience.
What does not do well?
Using to work with integromat has been more complicated than we thought, because through this combination workflows cannot be edited well, and retrospective views on each task cannot be better configured.
What do you wish you had known about before using?
From the moment we acquired we have reached a new degree of understanding about the privacy that we can grant to our work boards, because in the past we generally had problems with it. Thanks to providing such a varied collection of templates we have managed to customize our projects much more, to the point of maintaining a much tidier control over the overview in our tasks.
Have you used a competitor to If so, how does it compare?
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